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N-Partner has a new project, N-Robot, after the success of N-Reporter and N-Cloud. As its name implies, N-Robot applies advanced AI learning technologies and does auto learning, and then adjust the focus of IT operation based on each user’s network environment, being a great help to IT administrators. N-Reporter and N-Cloud collect, correlate, and analyze SNMP/Flow/Syslog from different devices for IT administrators to view all information in one platform; however, it still requires extensive experience to catch necessary information for debugging. N-Robot operates in the system like a doctor, who understands every piece of examination data, analyzes them, and finds the root cause and solution based on patients’ status, age, and so on. N-Robot assists IT operation and makes it much more sufficient; for example, it detects possible threats and blocks them in real time to prevent the great loss and damages they cause.

With Intelligent IT Operation Assistant, No More Time-consuming Threshold Setting by Hand!
N-Robot is the latest technology developed by N-Partner, which runs as an IT operation assistant in the background learning and analyzing the numerous collected data, comparing each item with history record instantly to find abnormal surge, etc. In the whole process, there is no need to set fixed threshold manually, for N-Robot is an intelligent helper that informs users about the root cause of possible anomaly and the future trend of CPU and network traffic.Also, N-Robot remembers the preference and operation records of N-Reporter/N-Cloud users; when any changes happen on the items in the reports users often view, N-Robot will send automatic notification to users.
N-Robot analyzes and discovers the relation of each event, helping IT administrators find the root cause. IT administrators do not need to spend much time and efforts manually looking for the cause in lots of events and alerts.

The following are some cases of N-Robot:
【Case1—CPU Burst of Core Firewall Gateway】
【Case 2—Burst of DNS NXDomain Query】

【Case 3—Burst of Abnormal E-Mail Sending】

【Case 4— File Downloading and Editing Outside Working Hours】

This way relies heavily on manual operation, and when there are a great number of devices to monitor, administers can only view alerts but cannot know why anomaly happens.For engineers in ICT operation, the main goal is to maintain stable network and keep the availability of systems high.Nevertheless, most IT operation systems on the market collect data regularly and monitor systems with threshold based on the situation of the majority of network environment.
N-Partner adapts AI learning technology and SNMP/Flow/Syslog data can be used more wisely. Comparing to IT operation in the past, monitor and send alerts, N-Partner provides more advanced IT operation. IT administrators can have a comprehensive understanding about network, find the root cause of abnormal events, and have higher stability and efficiency. Cyber security can be greatly protected.